The restaurant search – Google, Facebook, Instagram or all together?

If the restaurant would like to address the digital audience and lure them from the online world into the restaurant, then the profile should be optimized towards an online restaurant search. In the first step, this means that the menu must be distributed among the online search portals. This menu should of course be optimised for mobile use. What does that mean? It should be easy to read when you open the menu with your smartphone or tablet. Pictures say more than 1,000 words, which is why they are a must. Once the food has been photographed, the restaurant can use the pictures not only for his digital menu, but also for his social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Just in a new city, many people are unsure about their restaurant choices. To significantly increase the likelihood of finding the perfect restaurant, people searching online often proceed as follows.



Enter the search term „Restaurants“ in Google, followed by the name of the city. For Berlin, for example, this will look like „Restaurants Berlin“. A list of restaurants appears and a filter setting can be made above the first hit. Set the first filter under the „Ratings“ tab to „4.5 stars and more“. If you already know the direction of the meal, the restaurant type will also be selected.

Example: Google Search Restaurants Berlin


Facebook and Instagram

The next step is to see if the restaurants that were shortlisted have a Facebook and or Instagram page. The social media channels give the searcher a further impression of the restaurant’s food. 


Use all the information the online world has to offer when searching for a restaurant

Google quickly gives the searcher in the online world a good overview of which restaurants come into question at all. The complete picture, in order to make a suitable selection, is then conveyed on the social media platforms.


As today 83% of guests search online for food before going to a restaurant, the restaurant should spend part of his time with the perfect online presentation.

Restaurant guests are nowadays mostly coming from the online world.

Many restaurants today are heavily involved in daily operations and have little time to create or maintain content. Companies like Happz therefore offer a platform that do the work for the restaurants. The restaurant simply uploads the menu as a PDF or link to the restaurant website on the Happz platform and after a few days receives a digital menu that is perfectly tailored to the online world.

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