The term online or digital is for most restaurants not very clear. Most restaurants unfortunately still understand that a PDF is sufficient in order to be visible in the online world.

That is a pity, because more and more customers, at the moment about 83%, visit a restaurant due to a Google search. If the restaurant is not well presented in the online world, then it loses simply guests.  

What is a digital menu?

A digital menu is not a PDF document! A digital menu is in the best case a dynamically created website optimized for desktop and smartphones, on which a visitor can quickly and easily get an overview of the food and drink offerings of a restaurant. The composition of the food and the price are of great importance, but not the decisive factor. Modern digital menus are supported by pictures of the dishes, translations of the menu descriptions into several languages or information on product use.  

What is the difference between a menu and a digital menu?

If you remain in the conventional scheme of a menu, then it is simply a list with names, descriptions and prices. Even just to present this list online in an appealing way is a high hurdle for most restaurants. They often don’t know how to do it and don’t have the time. By the way, they usually don’t have the time, because there are allot of other tasks waiting at the restaurants they need to perform. But they also often lack digital efficiency and know-how. A digital menu represents every dish like a product in an online store. If you realize that every product is presented on, or with a lot of information, pictures and even videos and purely text-based menus often have names where no guest can imagine how the dish would look like, then you have to realize that such restaurants are currently visited by guests with a high degree of trust. Restaurants, which show a guest already on the search for a restaurant online clearly and responding the prepared plates, take the perceived risk a wrong decision to make from the customer and are therefore in the advantage with the favour of the customer. Every restaurateur should now switch to a digital menu!  

What does a portal for digital menus offer?

If you look at the portal Happz for digital menus, it currently offers everything a restaurant needs. You can add dished and descriptions including price variations. Furthermore you can add pictures, because in todays world everybody wants to see pictures. The images of the food are simply shot with the smartphone at a 45 degree angle and uploaded directly with the smartphone and connected to the dish. Most smartphones take excellent pictures. A professional photographer should not be used, because otherwise the pictures could not look authentic anymore and this has to be avoided. The menu is ready – the portal creates the translations automatically. The next step is the most important, because a digital menu has to be found online. It is therefore necessary that the digital menu is placed as a link on every relevant food or restaurant search platform. This includes etc. Once this is done, you always have a updated menu on each of these platforms. Changes in the digital menu are taken over everywhere in seconds. A digital menu is efficient because it summarizes and centralizes many individual processes that cost a lot of time.  

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