After several months of conception, expert discussions, planning, gaining knowledge and technical development, the Happz menu platform is now online and we are very proud of it.

What is Happz?

Happz is a self-service sales platform especially for restaurateurs. It helps the restaurateurs to sell their food and drinks to more and more guests. The menu is the most important and central element of a restaurant, because only through it the business runs.
Happz digitises the menus, adds crucial information, makes them available online and takes Gastro sales into the digital age.

What can Happz do?

Happz presents the offer of the restaurants of the world.

Happz contains the list of dishes and thus also the menus of the restaurants in a digital form.

Happz shows pictures of the dishes so that guests can better decide what they want to order.

Happz automatically translates all descriptions into 18 languages to make things easier for foreign guests.

The Happz menus can be stored as links on any platform such as Google, Facebook, Yelp or TripAdvisor and can therefore be viewed worldwide.

The Happz menus are desktop and mobile optimized.

Happz menus are visible everywhere and can also be read by search engines – they attract new guests to restaurants.

Happz menus can be conveniently accessed via a QR code without an app in the restaurant.

Happz menus relieve the gastronomer, the service and are always beautiful to look at.

Why Happz?

We love good food in the restaurants. But the life of the restaurateurs is getting harder and harder.
They struggle every day with the shortage of staff, rising wage costs and the complex digitalisation of processes and society. 83% of customers make their decisions about their restaurant visits online. This was different until a few years ago.

Recommendation portals and search portals contain almost exclusively user-generated content, sometimes correct and sometimes not.
The contents of the restaurateurs themselves and above all the menus are missing there. But exactly the menu is of central importance for the customer in the decision-making process – the customer is interested in two things:

I find something appealing on the menu for me?
Does the price level correspond to my imagination?

A digital menu with pictures and translations can answer these questions perfectly.

What is our mission?

We want to simplify the processes in the catering trade. We want to help restaurateurs and make them more successful by providing them with simple tools. With Happz, they can inspire and win customers with their products and services via modern communication channels.

In the medium term, the Happz sales platform should technically summarise the ordering and payment process on the basis of the digital menus and thus significantly streamline it. This will relieve the service staff in the long term and finally give them time to be hosts. At the same time, the service level for the guest increases as the payment process at the end is completely eliminated.