Happz places your food menu wherever guests are looking for it.

Are you ready to greet your guests in the online world with a suitable food menu?

If you don't have one yet, you should change that now.
Example - online food menu
Happz online food menu

We have developed the perfect food menu for the online world for you.



How can the online menu help you?

Show your menu
in digital form on the Internet 

The Happz menu shows your food online with pictures in a universal format.

Allergens and additives

Happz lists all allergens and additives to make it easy for you to meet the legal standards.









































































Always presents your food in a perfect design  

Die Happz The menu is automatically optimized for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.  

With the QR Code guests call up the menu at the table

It can be accessed via a QR code in your restaurant and helps your guests to pick the right dish.

Translations make it easier for tourists and for you

Happz automatically translates the food descriptions into 18 languages.

Your food menu with pictures on your website

It can be easily integrated into your existing website in just a few minutes.

Supported languages 



















How do I get more guests with Happz?


After the Happz menu is created, a link and a QR code is automatically available to share the menu.

Share the menu with WhatsApp, on Facebook, on TripAdvisor, on Yelp and on Google. Users will see your perfect menu in their own language and choose your restaurant.



Who should register and use the Happz menu? 

Restaurateurs, chefs, hoteliers, canteen managers

The Happz menu is optimized for restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars alike.
She brings guests to your restaurant and helps them to make the best decisions when it comes to ordering.




That’s what our customers say:

Images say more than three lines of text. With the Happz menu we can better present the spectrum of our offer to our guests with pictures.I am happy about every satisfied guest.

Mr. Bans

Amrit Berlin

I notice clearly that more guests are coming to us.  The Happz Portal is easy to use. The effort is manageable and now the food menu is viewable all online search portals. In addition I can easily update it anywhere with one click.

Mr. Ha

Com Á Berlin

Quick and easy operation.  Absolutely in line with the trend of gastronomy and food development. Perfect for everyone from small to large restaurants. Absolute guest orientation and refreshingly simple.

Mr. Scharmberg

Show chef and gastronomic expert

What advantages do I have with the Happz online menu?

Advantage 1.


Happz shows people in your area but also tourists on the Internet what you have to offer and brings them for you in your restaurant.



Advantage 2.

less time

With Happz, all your menus and dishes are centrally managed in one place. Weeks and day menus with recurring dishes can be clicked together in just a few minutes.


Advantage 3.

loyal customer


Daily and weekly menus can be easily clicked together and sent out as needed – it’s never been easier to keep your guests informed about what you have to offer.

Advantage 4.


By using a QR code in your restaurant, your guests can easily view and decide on all dishes without an app. Misorders, disappointments or misunderstandings are a thing of the past.

To put it plainly:

With Happz, you’re finally taking your business into the digital age, with maximum control.

How much is it?

Happz costs you less than 2 euros a day.

If you compare Happz with other marketing measures such as distributing flyers or Google AdWords campaigns, where you would have to spend at least 20-80 euros a day, then the Happz in comparison is really cheap.

Happz costs you less than 2 euros a day.

If you choose a whole year, Happz will only cost you 1,50 Euro per day.





How do I sign on?

Just click on the button and follow the steps.

  1. First you register yourself and your restaurant at Happz and get your own account.
  2. You will then receive a verification email, which you confirm.
  3. Then you can simply log in and enter your menu.
  4. If you need initial help the first time, we will transfer the menu to the Happz platform free of charge for you.

The registration just takes 5 Min. 

Start immediately and register your restaurant now!

Take your menu to a new level now. You can change any dish in your menu with Happz within seconds worldwide and on any portal.